HPC Object Storage

Storing an ever-increasing amount of unstructured data? Perhaps you should be considering object storage

Object Storage

Object storage, or object-based storage, manipulates data storage as individual units called 'objects' all within one big “bucket”, rather than the files and folders of a traditional file system.  Each object is given a custom identifier so it can be retrieved in the future.  Objects storage solutions are often highly scalable to many petabytes (or more) and can be designed to be distributed geographically or even globally, this ensures individual objects are protected from individual components to full site failures.

Widely used by public cloud providers, object storage can utilise gateways to present objects in multiple more familiar formats, such as, a  'traditional' locally mounted file system, a file sync and share solution, or managed by external tools such as iRODS or StrongBoxData to provide more control and lifetime management of your data.

As Object Storage offers cost effective high resiliency storage it is also a popular target for backup, archival and “cold tier” solutions, OCF provide solutions for backup and archival such as IBM Spectrum Protect Backup Software to “offline” data migration utilising IBM Spectrum Scale.

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Object Storage