20+ years of expertise in high-performance computing.
We deliver customised solutions with trusted partners,
closing the gap between clients and technology.

Experts In High Performance Computing Solutions for 20+ Years

For over 20 years, OCF has delivered brilliance in High Performance Computing. 

Taking a consultative role between client and technology vendor, we combine technical expertise with trusted partnerships to develop cutting-edge solutions that help forward-thinking organisations break boundaries. 

High performance technology is complex, and without a clear understanding of the requirements and objectives of a system, solutions will be destined to underperform - or worse, fail to meet the needs of the organisation.

OCF has a single mission: to bring technically brilliant people and brilliant partners together to achieve brilliance in High Performance Computing systems.


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Client testimonials reflecting the transformational impact of OCF's services, emphasising strong reputation and commitment to service excellence.

Dr Alan Real

Technical Director

at N8 CIR

Bede, the HPC installed by OCF, enables us to deal with data at a scale that other machines can’t. It’s not just far faster, it enables us to tackle problems that were simply beyond our capabilities before.

Dr Daniel Clewley

Manager of NERC's Earth
Observation Data Acquisition and 
Analysis Service

AI is a tremendous step forward within the Earth Observation field. A staggering amount of data is produced by satellite every day and by using AI, researchers can tease out changes, trends and anomalies not possible with standard analysis. The new MAGEO HPC cluster provided and supported by OCF will enable researchers in the UK to fully utilise AI with Earth Observation data.