HPC Backup & Archive

Backup & archive are separate, but both critical to the disaster recovery and long term data retention plans for any organisation. OCF offers solutions for backing up and archiving data managed by our customers regardless of quantity or size

Backup & Archive Storage

Tape remains the king of high capacity for low-cost dense storage, ideally suited to backup & archive where workloads exhibit short bursts of sequential large-block IO.  Meanwhile, geo-dispersed disk-based object stores have their advantages of keeping data rapidly retrievable and providing backup & archive tier site-level resiliency.

Cloud provides effectively “limitless” scaling and capacity allowing off-site storage without the management overheads or even requiring a second site yourself.  We can design bespoke solutions to meet your requirements and your SLAs to your users.



Backup & Archive Storage


We thoroughly understand the difference between backup and disaster recovery, however for many it is not an either-or situation, your requirements may include aspects of each.

Many of our solutions include snapshots allowing users to self-restore from automatically generated daily/weekly/monthly backups, for others an independent full-copy is preferred. In many cases, often both.

Our solutions keep your data protected from foreseen and unforeseen events, getting your staff back on track minimising lost productivity.

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Today’s “left-over” data can be tomorrow's breakthrough. With increasing demands for capacity, it is important to manage data to make use of the most appropriate tier of storage.

OCF can design archival systems to preserve inactive data to utilise more cost effective storage that resides outside of editable primary storage and, optionally in an immutable longer term state for compliance or historical preservation.

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Disaster Recovery

Effective disaster recovery (DR) solutions can take any number of forms; however, two things many have in common are the need to be off-site and the need for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) when compared to primary storage.

OCF can architect solutions to meet a range of requirements.  Depending on your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and capacity requirements you may require your DR site to be a second “live” site, allowing IO to be switched over to the second site near-immediately.

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