HPC In The Cloud

If you want to ‘burst’ from your on-premise cluster to a public cloud provider, or run a workload completely in the cloud, we have the answer

High Performance Computing In The Cloud

Increasingly, public cloud providers such as AWS, GCP and Azure are being considered for HPC workloads. With OCF's experience in delivering both on-premises and cloud based HPC solutions, we can work with you to understand your requirements and review whether these workloads are suitable for the public cloud, short term, or long term from both a technical and financial stand point.

HPC Cluster 'Cloud Burst' Solutions

Do you have occasional peaks in your workload that you struggle to meet? By ‘bursting’ to a public cloud provider you can scale up your on-premise HPC cluster practically infinitely just when you need it. With OCF’s expertise and partnerships with public cloud providers and HPC schedulers, we can enable cloud burst on your cluster today.

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HPC Cluster 'Cloud Native' Solutions

Is your workload very inconsistent or project based? Or do you have a short term requirement? Maybe you should be running all of your HPC workloads in the cloud. Speak to one of our HPC cloud experts today to discuss how your workload can be run in a public cloud provider.

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