Software containers such as Docker, are  tools widely used in DevOps. These are concerned with the development, deployment, and management of applications. OCF can build container environments on-premises or in the cloud to meet your requirements.

Software Containers

Containers, sometimes named microservices, allow you to quickly and efficiently design, and deploy isolated custom software environments. These environments can divide the code and applications into individual units, making it simpler to alter or update a unit of environment without affecting the entire system it is hosted on.  It can also enable you to use a multitude of languages in the development of a single application, giving you the ability to use the best code for each component task of your application.

Containers can be considered to be similar to virtual machines in that they act like a computer within a computer and are logically separated from the host computer, meaning they don’t affect the host computer’s operating systems.  Advantageously, containers require less resource because they utilise virtual access to the hosts operating system and hardware, allowing them to run more quickly and efficiently by avoiding the hypervisor extraction layer associated with most virtulisation.  As well as being a more efficient way to run code on a system, containers can provide an easier route to reproducible workflows (a key requirement for good scientific research) due to their reproducible environment and their lack of reliance on a specific version of an operating system or library.

OCF can help you take advantage of containerisation on a variety of platforms including HPC, a dedicated platform as a service (PaaS) and private or public cloud infrastructure using the best open source or enterprise tools.

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