AI Use Cases

An AI workflow can help you quickly detect, locate and classify large quantities of data

Image & Video Analysis

AI video analysis is not just detecting roads and obstacles in autonomous vehicles, use cases are endless and span many disciplines like locating defects in a production line, classifying cell types in microscope outputs, and enlarging images from low resolution samples. Yesterday’s science-fiction is increasingly becoming within our grasp.

Common uses of AI for image and video data include classifying images, locating objects within frames, and speculating what will come next.

The rise of transfer learning means you no longer need millions of images to implement a useful neural network. Fine tuning pre-trained models can give excellent results from only hundreds of images.


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Text Processing

AI text processing can help you categorise and understand large volumes of text data such as detecting fraud in correspondence, identifying essays likely to be from an “essay mill”, or understanding the subtleties of sentiments in high-volume social media posts.

AI goes beyond simple key-word or n-grams matching, allowing the meaning of text to be quantified, classified and organised.

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Tabular Forecasting

Conventional statistical modelling of tabular data can benefit from explorative AI, by detecting correlation in the obscure removing human bias.

This could be forecasting sales demand, product recommendations, or performance of sporting professionals.

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