Hardware for AI & Machine Learning

OCF is able to supply the latest NVIDIA Tesla T4, Tesla V100, Tesla V100S and Quadro RTX6000 GPU’s hosted on NVIDIA OEM servers, along with dedicated NVIDIA DGX Station, NVIDIA DGX-1, NVIDIA DGX A-100 Deep Learning platforms and machine learning optimised storage solutions.

Workstations for AI

If you are starting out, or have the need for performance or a dedicated server environment, OCF are here to help.
OCF works with a number of partners to offer AI capable workstations can utilise multiple NVIDIA GPUs.

If you are interested in a NVIDIA workstation platform, OCF also offers the NVIDIA DGX Station with 4x NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU's. This integrated hardware and software solution allows your data science team to easily access a comprehensive catalogue of NVIDIA, optimised, GPU-accelerated, containers, offering the fastest possible performance for AI and data science workloads.

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Workstations for AI

Servers for AI

If you are looking to house your AI systems in a data centre, OCF has a number of AI capable servers which can support 1-8 of the latest NVIDIA Tesla T4, Tesla V100, Tesla V100S and Quadro RTX6000 GPU’s, some of which include NVIDIA NVLink interconnect to give the best GPU to GPU, and in the case of IBM Power Systems, GPU to CPU performance.

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Servers for AI

Storage for AI

Keeping the latest GPU solutions for machine learning and deep learning workloads fed with data can be a challenge, even for the highest performance storage solutions.

OCF partners with specialist storage vendors including DDN, IBM and Netapp to offer storage solutions designed, optimised and verified specifically for NVIDIA DGX-1 DGX A-100, NVIDIA DGX-2 and other GPU heavy AI compute workloads, to allow you make the most of this investment and reduce the time to results. 

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