AI Consultancy

Adopting AI and machine learning in your organisation requires more than just hardware. OCF's in-house skills, combined with our specialist partner ecosystem, ensures we can help you adopt these technologies by offering system configuration, training and software development consultancy services.

Solution Design & Installation Services

Whilst often an integral part of any AI system, GPU's are not the only component of a machine learning platform. AI workloads place a huge demand on all areas of your infrastructure - compute, storage and networking.

Working with our partners, OCF technical architects are able to design bespoke, balanced systems to meet your individual requirements.

OCF offers implementation and support services to deliver turn-key solutions that allows your organisations data scientists to focus on developing insight and business value using AI-powered technology.

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OCF and our training partners are able to offer both 'off the shelf' and bespoke deep learning training courses, workshops and hosted 'Hackathon' events to expand you or your users knowledge of AI; whatever your industry or prior experience. 

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Software Development

With experience in all of the major AI software stacks and an extended network of experts that can help you develop software, optimise codes for GPU's and get you started with machine learning. 

OCF can offer an end-to-end package of hardware, software and software development/consulting.

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