High Performance Computing Consultancy

Need help to scope your requirements? Or to review technologies and techniques available to you? Engage our consultancy team to help

HPC Services For Businesses

In addition to delivering ‘turn-key’ HPC compute and storage solutions, OCF is also able to offer expertise in the form of standalone consultancy services. These services can range from a health check of an existing environment (regardless of initial supplier) through to independent consultancy services to gather requirements and specifications for a cluster or storage project.

OCF in-house expertise includes:

Heath Checks & Verification Reviews (including auditing, discovery and inventory)

  • Server Infrastructure
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Storage Solutions (inc SAN, Lustre, SpectrumScale, BeeGFS)
  • Private Cloud (OpenStack)


Software Upgrades/Installation

  • Server Infrastructure
  • HPC Compute Solutions
  • Storage Solutions (inc SAN, Lustre, IBM SpectrumScale, BeeGFS)



  • Performance Optimisation
  • Benchmarking
  • HPC Cluster Performance Tuning (Libraries, MPI, Compilers)
  • Parallel Filesystem Tuning
  • Software Optimisation & GPU Computing


Requirement gathering and design consultancy

  • HPC Compute Solutions
  • Storage Solutions
  • Cloud vs on-premises modelling



  • Administrator
  • End-user


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