Need help to scope your requirements? Or to review technologies and techniques available to you? Engage our consultancy team to help


In addition to delivering ‘turn-key’ HPC compute and storage solutions, OCF is also able to offer expertise in the form of standalone consultancy services. These services can range from a health check of an existing environment (regardless of initial supplier) through to independent consultancy services to gather requirements and specifications for a cluster or storage project.

OCF in-house expertise includes:

Heath Checks & Verification Reviews (including auditing, discovery and inventory)

  • Server Infrastructure
  • High Performance Computing (HPC)
  • Storage Solutions (inc SAN, Lustre, SpectrumScale, BeeGFS)
  • Private Cloud (OpenStack)


Software Upgrades/Installation

  • Server Infrastructure
  • HPC Compute Solutions
  • Storage Solutions (inc SAN, Lustre, IBM SpectrumScale, BeeGFS)



  • Performance Optimisation
  • Benchmarking
  • HPC Cluster Performance Tuning (Libraries, MPI, Compilers)
  • Parallel Filesystem Tuning
  • Software Optimisation & GPU Computing


Requirement gathering and design consultancy

  • HPC Compute Solutions
  • Storage Solutions
  • Cloud vs on-premises modelling



  • Administrator
  • End-user


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