RJM International, a provider of emissions reduction and combustion improvement solutions, is further able to help global power generators and other large combustion plants reduce emissions and improve efficiencies with its first high performance computing (HPC) cluster. The move also supports the growth of the company’s business in the EU and the UK, particularly in the biomass and Energy from Waste segments of the market. The new HPC environment is designed, integrated and supported by HPC, storage and data analytics integrator, OCF.

The Challenge

Efficient combustion solutions are crucial in delivering a low-carbon economy and reducing pollution. However, power plants generate vast amounts of data, making it time-consuming to analyse and identify inefficiencies. To provide timely solutions, RJM International needed a way to accelerate simulations and resolutions.

The Solution

To address these challenges, RJM International partnered with OCF, a renowned provider of high-performance computing, storage, and data analytics solutions. With decades of expertise in delivering scalable and efficient HPC solutions, OCF was the perfect partner for RJM.

The collaboration resulted in the development of a powerful HPC cluster designed specifically to optimise emissions reduction processes and enhance overall performance at power plants. This cutting-edge cluster combines high-speed processors, advanced memory systems, and parallel processing capabilities to deliver exceptional computational power.

The HPC system comprises Dell PowerEdge 440 and 740 servers, along with NVIDIA InfiniBand. The solution utilises ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS HPC applications, as well as OCF's HPC management software - Steel Stack. This includes management, monitoring, and reporting tools, along with an HPC Scheduler to optimise job queues and maximise cluster utilisation.


By utilising the HPC cluster, RJM International can now analyse customers’ existing operational systems and simulate new solutions for their power stations more efficiently. The time taken to complete analysis has been significantly reduced, with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations that previously took a week now completed within a day. On average, this represents an 86% reduction in time.

Additionally, the large memory capacity of the cluster enables the team to analyse results more efficiently, saving valuable time and budget. The enhanced computational power allows for a greater number of simulations at a faster rate, supporting the resolution of complex emissions challenges.


RJM International's first HPC cluster, developed in collaboration with OCF, has revolutionized the way power plants approach emissions reduction and operational efficiency. By harnessing OCF's expertise and cutting-edge technology, RJM International is able to provide data-driven insights and actionable recommendations to their clients more efficiently than ever before.

Through their commitment to HPC technology, RJM International is playing a key role in improving efficiencies, delivering a low-carbon economy, and reducing pollution. With the support of OCF's solutions, the company is at the forefront of the power industry and can tackle complex emissions challenges for their customers.

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