Bacula Backup And Recovery

Single Platform Physical, Virtual, Container and Hybrid Cloud Backup & Recovery for the Modern Data CenterTM

Bacula backup and recovery system for HPC

Bacula Enterprise backup and recovery software brings unique innovation, business value benefits and low cost of ownership.

The OCF and Bacula Systems partnership works to enable customers in the HPC, Storage, Cloud and AI space to more effectively protect their IT infrastructure. OCF’s sector expertise combined with Bacula’s highly scalable data backup and recovery software benefits end-users by de- risking implementation, increasing efficiency, protecting from ransomware, and lowering costs.


High Performance Backup and Recovery

As a proven HPC backup and recovery solution of especially high performance, Bacula can handle vast volumes of data with ease. With the increasing need for HPC solutions and further improvements in technology, organizations are turning their attention to areas such as hybrid HPC solutions. OCF and Bacula anticipate that technology and innovation improvements in HPC space will increase, especially in specific areas such as Hybrid Cloud, edge compute, container technologies and new security approaches. As IT teams work hard to create a balance between on-premises HPC solutions and cloud, OCF and Bacula provide a choice of enterprise-grade methods to protect and recover these entire environments from a single platform.

Bacula HPC Brochure

Backing up Parallel Filesystems

Bacula Enterprise is especially effective at backing up and recovering parallel distributed file systems in large-scale cluster computing, such as Lustre, SpectrumScale and BeeGFS. Bacula’s software offers remarkable flexibility, readily backing up large file systems either through a single head node, or distributed. For some file systems such as BeeGFS, the best approach is often to have File Daemons (Agents) on the backend storage nodes. For others, parallelizing backups so they spread over a larger number of head ends may scale even better. Bacula provides the freedom and customisability to implement in the way that is best for you. And in all cases, backing up all metadata (including for example, GPFS and NFSv4 ACLs) and being able to selectively exclude files from backups are always possible.

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