Supercomputing For Your Industry

Whilst we are well known for our work in higher education over the last 20 years, OCF has delivered HPC solutions across many different industries including engineering, life sciences, motorsport, public health, defence and oil & gas

High Performance Computing For A Wide Range Of Sectors And Businesses

For some of the more common industry specific challenges we come across, we have dedicated partnerships, reference architectures and solutions, some of these are described below.

As HPC, storage and AI workloads are not limited to any one industry, whatever sector you are in, if you use technical computing or have other significant compute or storage challenges, OCF can help. 

Higher Education

Research computing in higher eduction has it's own unique challenges. With many users and workloads, higher education systems must support life sciences, engineering, chemistry, physics and many other workloads all at once. OCF is experienced in delivering balanced systems for these requirements.

Oil & Gas

The energy/oil & gas sector has to deal with vast quantities of data. OCF solutions allow our oil and gas customers to store and carry out seismic processing and reservoir simulation workloads quickly and reliably.


OCF HPC solutions allow our automotive, aerospace and engineering customers to design and develop products that are faster, safer and more reliable, more quickly and at a lower cost.

Life Sciences

Simulation, modelling and next generation sequencing are an increasingly important part of your life sciences workflow whether you are a university, pharmaceutical company, research organisation or charity. OCF solutions allow you to store and compute this valuable data.