OCF is an active member of the HPC Community - whilst the events we were due to attend have been cancelled, we hope you see you soon

Don’t miss ‘The need for speed!’ webinar.

AI-accelerated data storage is essential to the success of today’s data-hungry organisation.

At this must-see webinar, IBM and OCF experts explain how using the right data storage solution can give your organisation the edge in adopting AI.

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Don’t miss ‘The need for speed!’ webinar.


Thursday 10 September

Calman Learning Centre, Lower Mountjoy, South Road, Durham, DH1 3LE.

It is possible the DiRAC day meeting will be an entirely virtual meeting, we are keeping the option of an actual meeting at Durham open for the time being.

DiRAC Day provides an opportunity to meet others from the DiRAC HPC community, learn about what is being done by all the different consortia, present and view posters on recent research achievements and discuss training and support needs for DiRAC. DiRAC users will also have the chance to meet members of the technical support teams for each DiRAC service machine in person as well as to interact with the industry vendors who supplied the hardware we are now exploiting.

DiRAC day will also offer remote attendance for registered participants. We are likely to use Zoom for this. Please select the remote attendance option in the booking form if you would like to attend remotely.

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