Partnering to support our sustainability commitment ambitions

By Mischa van Kesteren, Pre-Sales and Sustainability Lead at OCF

Improving energy consumption

As a company, we are passionate about our commitment to sustainability and making a larger impact where we can. Our new partnership with Energy Aware Solutions (EAS) gives us the ability to provide a new service for HPC and AI users wanting to monitor and improve their energy consumption in a more responsible and cost-effective way.

By integrating EAS’s Energy Aware Runtime (EAR) open-source software, job power and performance metrics are automatically measured, and node settings are optimised to run as efficiently as possible, saving around 10 percent of energy consumption, without any user intervention.

HPC and AI are highly resource intensive workloads for IT hardware with networking, memory, storage and compute resources often being pushed to their maximum. By enabling EAS, HPC and AI environments will profile their applications and then reduce the power consumption of individual components, such as, memory DIMMS, CPUs, GPUs, etc, during a job run. This is how it can reduce energy consumption and associated costs in a transparent and non-disruptive manner whilst providing assurance of eco-responsibility for organisations using HPC and AI.

The research performed by our customers is essential to combating many of the challenges we face, be they medical, mechanical or environmental. With EAS, we can enable them to maximise their research per watt to solve these challenges with the lowest energy impact possible.

As we broaden our commitment to sustainability and specifically strive for the reduction of power consumption used by HPC clusters and datacentres, we’re delighted to be able to offer this service with EAS, so if you’d like to find out more, please get in touch here.