OCF’s Charity of the Year

OCF’s Charity of the Year

By Faye Exton, Head of Operations, OCF

OCF’s Charity of the Year

It’s been a challenging time for charities, who have seen not only ever-increasing demand during the pandemic, but have also had to alter their ways of fundraising compared to their traditional methods.

OCF has always supported various charities through organised events however without being able to meet in person, we wanted to make sure that we continued to drive donations despite the social challenges we have faced.

It was decided that by targeting a ‘Charity of the Year’ for 2020/2021, this would allow OCF to focus our fundraising attention. The charity selected was ‘The Children’s Hospital Charity’ (TCHC) which supports the specialist Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

TCHC is a charity very dear to OCF, having helped several of our staff’s families during difficult times, making it the perfect choice for our first selected charity of the year.

Through virtual hosted events and customer feedback donations, OCF has managed to raise £800.

This Christmas, OCF has sponsored a snowflake, part of TCHC ‘Snowflakes Campaign’, which will be part of the twinkling display featured on Sheffield Children’s Hospital, due to be switched on from the 6th December, over the festive period. The Snowflakes Campaign raises much needed funds for the hospital and provides a welcoming sight for those children that are receiving treatment throughout Christmas. If you’d like to donate to this worthy cause, please click here.