Flying the flag for AI in Scotland at the Public Sector AI Summit

Flying the flag for AI in Scotland at the Public Sector AI Summit

By Andrew Dean, OCF Sales Director

With AI becoming ever more prevalent, OCF sponsored the Public Sector AI Summit in partnership with Lenovo in Edinburgh last week.  

It provided an opportunity for delegates to learn about the latest developments and innovations of AI and automation in the public sector.

With the UK Government’s AI Sector Deal stressing the importance of strong partnerships between business, academia and government, we were delighted that the event brought together all of these stakeholders to meet and learn more about the AI solutions that are available to government and explore in detail what AI can deliver.

Even with snow on the day, there was a great turnout and we welcomed many participants from across Scotland from health and care providers, local authorities, heritage organisations, National Parks to universities.

There was a great demonstration by Lenovo with its AI workstation showing the use of crowd analysis software that can determine the number, age and gender of a crowd of people and even their mood. This was a simple but effective demonstration that brought up many interesting discussions around similar use cases - even discussion as to whether similar technology could be used to track fish stocks – which it could!

OCF works closely with its partner eco-system to provide the best hardware and software solutions for AI. As an integrator, OCF uses its extensive knowledge, skills and services to successfully meet the significant data processing, data management and data storage challenges across the public and private sectors.

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