Clarifai partnership enhances OCF’s AI & ML offering

Clarifai partnership enhances OCF’s AI & ML offering

With Clarifai, we add a leading Machine Learning, Computer Vision & NLP Platform to OCF's toolkit

We’re delighted to be working with Clarifai, an AI company that has developed a leading Machine Learning, Computer Vision & NLP Platform. 

The partnership will offer OCF HPC and AI customers an AI powered software platform to develop bespoke workflows that can deliver insight, classification, and automation to their organisations and/or research projects.

As a recognised leader in computer vision AI technology by Forrester New Wave, Clarifai was an obvious choice for OCF to partner with, Computer vision is becoming an increasingly important space within AI both in terms of compute and video/image management. With Clarifai, we can help our customers begin their AI journey with a complete computer vision AI solution.

The Clarifai Portal and Clarifai API are Kubernetes based lending us powerful ways to integrate AI within a typical HPC cluster or in a public cloud platform if you prefer. Clarifai Portal makes it fast and easy for researchers to label data, build and train models, and connect these models into workflows.

Clarifai API integrates with software applications in many popular programming languages. It offers hundreds of ready-to-use models, to help data scientists significantly reduce their time in generating training and retraining models.

We’ve found that Clarifai’s face recognition solution has already proven highly successful for us in our internal pilot project. Available in the cloud, the solution can also be deployed on-premise or on edge depending on the customer’s requirements.

Data scientists and researchers working with OCF will benefit from a user-friendly approach and easy integration of Clarifai’s computer vision AI platform.

If you’d like to find out more about OCF’s AI offerings and find out if Clarifai is the right AI Platform for you please get in touch here.