Storage performance accelerated for AI

Choosing the optimal storage solutions for your data needs.

The growing volume, complexity and speed at which data is generated, combined with the power of data to provide organisations with game-changing insights, means that a future-ready data storage infrastructure is essential to success.

Whether your organisation is leveraging AI, High Performance Computing or Machine and Deep Learning, the right storage solution will enable you to organise, access and exploit your data pool more efficiently.

Exploring the content below will help you in your journey to choosing that solution.

The Need for Speed – Discover how the right data storage solution can optimise time to value for your AI-driven projects.

More and more organisations are looking to AI to help them make faster use of their data. In this video, OCF and IBM discuss data storage technologies in the context of AI and analytics, and how they combine to improve your AI workload and speed up your AI performance.

You’ll also find out how OCF can work with you to implement IBM solutions to build a solid data foundation that can maximise the potential of AI, Machine and Deep Learning and Data Analytics.

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Keeping the latest GPU solutions for machine learning and deep learning workloads fed with data can be a challenge, even for the highest performance storage solutions.

If you are starting out, or have the need for performance or a dedicated server environment, OCF are here to help.

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University of Birmingham – Learn how they drive innovative research forward by taking control of data.

Today’s research simulations are generating more data than ever before, a trend that shows no signs of slowing. With the help of OCF and IBM Spectrum Storage solutions, the University of Birmingham seized control of storage resources to meet rising demand for its research facilities, helping to reduce risk of data loss, simplify compliance with data protection rules and foster ground-breaking research.

In this case study, you’ll learn how the solution is helping the University of Birmingham to maintain its reputation as a premier research institution, by ensuring data is always available to a growing number of users running increasingly complex simulations.

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University of Birmingham – Learn how they drive innovative research forward by taking control of data.