HPC Cloud Storage

Replication, disaster recovery, backup and archive are all potential use-cases for using public cloud storage. OCF builds cloud-capable storage solutions to meet your storage requirements

Cloud Storage

It's not all just objects, blobs and buckets.  Cloud storage can be an important part of any workflow, be it to support your block infrastructure or provide a scalable file store.  The remote but highly available nature of public cloud providers makes it ideally suited for backup and archive, our solutions can help you manage cloud storage without the burden and costs associated with managing your own DR site.

The ability to transfer snapshot and replica, block and file data to the cloud enables you to leverage the best value from your on-site storage. Alternatively, your object store can simply burst to the cloud for extra capacity or an off-site copy.

Many OCF solutions and partner storage technologies support backup, tiering and/or replication.

Request a call-back from an OCF technical expert to discuss how cloud storage can be added to your solution today.

A Cloud-First Strategy

Cloud-first doesn’t have to mean always cloud, particularly when there are on-premises instruments and compute resources.  Our solutions can put data in the right place, be that tiering inactive data to cloud, sharing data in cloud to aid a distributed workforce, or pulling back active data from the cloud to local compute resources.

But of course, OCF understand that cloud-only can sometimes be the best option too.  OCF’s skilled cloud consultants can help assess your requirements and help design your Cloud-Frist Strategy, from data tiering cold data to running a fully functional parallel file system natively in the cloud to accelerate IO for cloud computing resources.