High Performance Computing Software

From cluster management and scheduling to system monitoring and software development tools

HPC Cluster Management - OCF Software Stack

The OCF Software Stack is built on open-source tools and delivers all of the benefits that HPC users have come to expect, providing our customers with tested, powerful, feature rich and stable software necessary for HPC environments.

The OCF Software Stack:

  • Is kernel agnostic
  • Is highly customisable to suit any customer and cluster needs
  • Is highly scalable to thousands of nodes
  • Has the ability to interchange software components to suit a customer’s preference
  • Offers easy cluster management
  • Offers parallel file system support - BeeGFS, IBM Spectrum Scale (formally GPFS) and Lustre
  • Includes web based tools to monitor important cluster metrics, including the ability to set alerts based on defined thresholds


The entire OCF Software Stack is proven in the field of HPC, having been continually developed for almost two decades. The OCF Software Stack has been installed across hundreds of our clusters.

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HPC Cluster Management - Bright Computing

Bright Cluster Manager is a commercially supported cluster management solution that enables you to comfortably deploy complete clusters over bare metal and manage them effectively utilising a user-friendly GUI or command line UI.

As an administrator you are able to manage your entire cluster including hardware, operating systems, HPC software execution and user access from a single unified interface.

Bright Cluster Manager also allows in-built monitoring, GPU management and cloud bursting functionality.

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Schedulers & Workload Management

The scheduler and workload manager on a HPC System, manages which jobs are running and system resource availability, allowing many users to utilise a shared HPC cluster. Today, scheduling and workload management is becoming increasingly complex with many of our customers environments built up of different system types, such as high memory, alternative architectures and GPU resources, in addition to organisations utilising containers, public cloud services and accounting for costs and chargebacks, all as part of their HPC services. 

Over the years, OCF has developed expertise and strong partnerships with all of the major commercial scheduler and workload management providers including Adaptive Computing's MOAB, IBM Spectrum LSF, and Univa Grid Engine, in addition to having significant expertise in Open Source schedulers and workload managers such as SLURM and Grid Engine.

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Profilers, Debuggers, Libraries and Compilers

OCF installations using the OCF Software Stack include a wide range of standard open-source libraries and compilers.

In addition, OCF partners with commercial software development tool providers, including ARM (Allinea), Intel and NVIDIA, to supply commercial profilers, debuggers, libraries and compilers.

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Remote Visualisation

HPC workloads are becoming increasingly complex and consume massive amounts of data. This continued data growth means it is becoming less and less practical for users to transfer output files to their workstations from the HPC cluster which may be located on a different site or a public cloud provider.

OCF works with a software product called DCV from NICE, an AWS to Company. DCV gives users a smooth and bandwidth-efficient remote 3D graphics visualisation experience to their remote Laptops or Workstations without the data ever having to leave the data centre.

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