High Performance Computer Design & Consultancy Services

Working closely with our vendor partners our experienced in-house technical architects will design a bespoke solution, based on reference architectures, to meet your requirements and constraints whatever they may be

Design & Consultancy

Designing a HPC cluster can be a minefield, particularly if it is your first system – what processors should I choose, how much of my budget should I spend on my interconnect, do I need a parallel file system? Should I go for an open source or commercial cluster management solution?  

OCF’s technical architects help our customers answer these questions every day, designing bespoke solutions optimised for your workload(s) based on many years of experience. OCF combines our expertise with vendor reference architectures, benchmarking data, and ISV requirements. 

The OCF pre-sales team undergoes continuous professional development and training, both internally and with our partners and suppliers, ensuring the team is up to date with both current and future technologies. 

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University of Strathclyde.

Working with a team from OCF, the University of Strathclyde implemented a cluster comprised of 64 Lenovo ThinkSystem servers featuring 6,138 processor cores for distributed parallel computing, two 3 TB RAM large-memory nodes, four remote visualization capable login servers and 210 TB of high-performance storage with Lenovo Distributed Storage Solution for IBM Spectrum Scale.

University of Strathclyde.