Private Cloud (OpenStack)

Do you need your compute to be on-premises but want the flexibilty of a public cloud provider? OCF can build private cloud solutions with open source OpenStack to give you the best of both worlds

Private Cloud

Cloud services give you a flexible infrastructure that allows you to tailor your resources to your ever changing needs, but what if this needs to stay on your premises? We can achieve this by building a private cloud such as OpenStack.

By building a private cloud infrastructure, you can have the flexibility to reassign resource to meet your requirements at any given point in time, without having to constrain your users. A private cloud allows you to build your infrastructure from 'commodity' hardware and manage it through scripting and automation. Utilising this to manage and automate pools of hardware resources, providing infrastructure can be done more cost effectively than having to provision equipment specifically for a given purpose.

Ultimately, you are achieving better use and allocation of your resources – making your hardware work harder for the money you’ve invested in it – avoiding wasted resource. 

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