HPC in the Cloud (Cloud Native)

If you need a dedicated resource for a short term project, or your workload it just too variable to justify an on-premises HPC system, OCF can build a bespoke 'cloud native' HPC-in-the-cloud service to meet your requirements

HPC in the Cloud (Cloud Native)

Is your workload inconsistent or project based? Or do you have a short term requirement?  Maybe you should consider running all of your HPC workloads in the cloud.  

By running your HPC workload in the cloud your users gain access to virtually unlimited capacity removing the limitations of a fixed on-premises HPC infrastructure. 

As an AWS Consulting Partner OCF uses AWS's integrated suite of services, together with OCF's in-house integration, support and managed services skills to deliver a bespoke HPC environment, hosted in AWS, optimised for your needs.

Numerous AWS EC2 compute instances along with accelerated compute and storage options are available allowing infrastructure to be spun up specifically optimised for each job/workload. This ensures your workloads are no longer shoehorned into a 'one size fits all' infrastructure.

For example, a fictional organisation has 3 workloads; FEA (High memory and high local scratch performance requirement), CFD (High CPU but lower storage performance requirement) and a Batch workload.. for this example 3 separate infrastructures could be spun up for each of these distinct workloads:

  • Workload 1: FEA -Memory Optimised Instances + Amazon FSx for Lustre for Storage Performance + DCV for Remote Visualisation
  • Workload 2: CFD - Compute Optimised Instances + Amazon S3 Storage + DCV for Remote Visualisation
  • Workload 3: Batch workload - Most cost effective Compute Optimised Instances (Spot Pricing) + Amazon S3 Storage 


With a HPC environment configured by OCF and hosted in AWS your users will not have to endure long wait times or lost productivity as this dynamic, flexible solution can grow and shrink as required to meet your current workload, whatever the scale.

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