Storage Engineering

OCF's storage engineering team is experienced in installing, configuring and upgrading high performance storage systems. Expertise includes Parallel Filesystems such as SpectrumScale, BeeGFS and Lustre in addition to high performance and large scale block storage, NAS and object storage

HPC Storage Engineering Services

Specialising in high performance scratch storage and long term storage solutions for research, the OCF storage team has the capabilities to deliver and support storage solutions at virtually any scale. Requirements for petabytes (PB’s) of capacity, many gigabytes per second (GB/s) of throughput and million’s of IOPS are all in a day’s work for our architects and storage consultants. 

Using software defined storage technologies such as IBM Spectrum Scale, Lustre, BeeGFS and CEPH together with storage hardware from our partners DDN, Dell, IBM, Lenovo and Netapp along with public cloud providers.

OCF can build solutions using a mixture of technologies from Tier 0 Optane, NVME & SSD, to Tier 1 HDD and Tier 2 Tape and Cloud. 


Installation and configuration of storage hardware:

  • SAN Block Storage 


Installation and configuration of all major HPC parallel file systems including: 

  • IBM SpectrumScale (Formerly GPFS) 
  • Lustre (Community/Whamcloud) 
  • BeeGFS (Community/ThinkParQ) 


Installation and configuration of major object storage solutions including: 

  • Ceph 
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) 


Installation and configuration of open source Enterprise File Synchronisation and Sharing (EFSS): 

  • ownCloud
  • Nextcloud


Installation and configuration of back-up and archive solutions including: 

  • Bacula
  • Bareos
  • IBM Spectrum Protect (TSM) 
  • IBM IBM Spectrum Archive Enterprise Edition (formerly IBM Linear. Tape File System Enterprise Edition [LTFS EE])


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