Accelerate AI by Optimising Compute Resources

Speed into the AI era by building the right foundation for your AI infrastructure

OCF and Run:ai Simplify Management of AI Workloads

The OCF and Run:ai partnership provides customers with the technology and tools they need to build their AI infrastructure ‘right’ from the ground up. Using Run:ai’s Atlas platform, OCF customers are able to make more efficient and productive use of compute resources for building, training and executing Deep Learning workloads as well as HPC applications.

Run:ai helps organizations accelerate their AI journey - from building initial models to scaling AI in production. Using Run:ai’s Atlas software platform, companies streamline the development, management and scaling of AI applications across any infrastructure (on-premises, edge, cloud). Researchers gain on-demand access to pooled resources for any AI workload. An innovative, cloud-native operating-system helps IT manage everything from fractions of GPUs to large-scale distributed training.


Accelerate AI

By using Atlas resource pooling, queueing, and prioritization mechanisms, researchers are removed from infrastructure management hassles and can focus exclusively on data science. Run as many workloads as needed without compute bottlenecks. Run:ai delivers real time and historical views on all resources managed by the platform, such as jobs, deployments, projects, users, GPUs and clusters.

Case study - GPU Utilisation reduced from 73% to 28%

Optimize AI

Run:ai can support all types of workloads required within the AI lifecycle (build, train, inference) to easily start experiments, run large-scale training jobs and take AI models to production without ever worrying about the underlying infrastructure. The Atlas platform allows MLOps and AI Engineering teams to quickly operationalize AI pipelines at scale, and run production machine learning models anywhere while using the built-in ML toolset or simply integrating their existing 3rd party toolset.


Productise AI

Run:ai’s unique GPU Abstraction capabilities “virtualise” all available GPU resources to maximise infrastructure efficiency and increase ROI. The platform pools expensive compute resources and makes them accessible to researchers on-demand for a simplified, cloud-like experience.

Run:ai & NVIDIA value proposition


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