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HPC Software Stack based on Open Source technologies

Supported Open Source Solutions

In addition to software solutions from commercial ISV's OCF integrates and Support solutions with a number of Open Source software tools, including OCF Steel - a HPC Management Stack built up of industry standard, open source, management and monitoring tools. 


The importance of the management stack when building a cluster shouldn’t be underestimated. OCF Steel is a suite of cluster management software that allows organisations to run HPC applications on their clusters, together with the tools that help to manage, maintain, and monitor the HPC environment. With OCF’s modular approach, customers can choose OCF Steel’s range of standard software stack installation with tried and tested technologies, combined with the unique flexibility of choosing bespoke components if required.

With 20 years of experience in HPC cluster management, OCF offers a flexible pathway to its customers utilising open-source technologies, making it easier to upgrade and support the cluster management software stack without any software licensing fees. OCF Steel is deployed using a resilient open-source virtualised management platform, making it simpler to facilitate any necessary upgrades or adaptations to the cluster. Also, customers using the OCF Steel software stack are supported by OCF’s dedicated HPC support team.

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