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Lenovo and OCF partnership

Advancements in computing systems have made it possible to tackle huge obstacles in simulation from product design, oil field exploration, financial risk assessment, genome mapping to weather forecasting and essential academic research.

According to the Top500.org, Lenovo is the number-one supercomputer provider.   1 in 3 supercomputers runs Lenovo. With industry leading HPC experts, OCF in partnership with Lenovo take a customer-centric, consultative  approach to provide HPC and AI solutions that help tackle the data intensive challenges of today and tomorrow.

OCF is a Lenovo Platinum Partner. The partnership began in 2005, when Lenovo acquired the IBM PC business. The longstanding collaboration has delivered many transformational HPC projects at leading academic and research institutions.

As a Lenovo partner, OCF is able to provide to its customers:

  • An agnostic approach to determine the best fit and future proofed solution to meet and resolve client challenges
  • High density server platforms and water-cooled technology
  • Innovative technology such as Lenovo Rear Door Heat Exchanger optimizes cooling in HPC environments
  • Powerful speeds to tackle data-intensive workloads
  • Pre-populated racked solutions simplify and accelerate delivery to clients
  • Access to HPC benchmarking teams for testing solutions at the Innovation Centre in Stuttgart


Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 Server (Xeon SP Gen 2)

This powerful 1U server offers a wide range of options in a 1U chassis including up to two high TDP processors and high bandwidth network cards. The server has demonstrated best in class reliability and used in OCF's solutions for key roles like cluster management and login nodes.


ThinkSystem SR650 – Management/Storage Server

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 features many of the same components as the SR630 but in a 2U form factor. The larger chassis allows for more internal drives, but just as important to HPC, the 2U chassis allows for a lot more PCIe cards to be installed. OCF use these as parallel filesystem file servers as the large number of PCIe slots allows ample bandwidth to connect to high speed back-end storage, as well as to cluster interconnects to efficiently serve compute clients and high speed LANs to serve user workstations. The good balance between internal storage and compute resource, also makes this ideal for high performance software defined storage deployments, supporting a range of drive types from high capacity SATA to low latency NVMe, and even storage class memory.

Lenovo Thinksystem sr650 Data sheet

Lenovo ThinkSystem SR850 Server

As a quad-CPU server this is a natural fit for large centralised transactional database workloads however, it is also a fit for high performance computing. Four CPUs allows for not only a high quantity of cores but also a high capacity of memory to be installed. The SR850P builds upon this but as a meshed design, allowing intel CPUs with thee UPI links to be fully interconnected with no additional hops. This greatly increases the ability to share memory between CPUs.


lenovo thinksystem sr850 DATA SHEET

ThinkSystem SR635/SR655 – AMD System

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR635 is a storage-rich server taking advantage of AMD’s high throughput EPYC processors. Up to 20 high capacity 3.5” drives can be installed making this server a natural fit for software defined storage solutions such as object store, where we must balance keeping data readily available and cost effectiveness. With up to 64 compute cores this server is also a good fit for big data analytics such as Hadoop workloads.

lenovo thinksystem sr635 Data sheet


Lenovo ThinkSystem SR655 Server

A storage-rich server taking advantage of AMD’s high throughput EPYC processors. Up to 20 high capacity 3.5” drives can be installed making this server a natural fit for software defined storage solutions such as object store, where we must balance keeping data readily available and cost effectiveness. With up to 64 compute cores this server is also a good fit for big data analytics such as Hadoop workloads.

lenovo thinksystem sr655 Data sheet

ThinkSystem SD530 – High Density Intel Platform

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SD530 is an ultra-dense compute offering packing four dual-CPU nodes into a 2U chassis. This platform stands out amongst competitors due to two key features, excellent thermal efficiency and shared IO. The thermal efficiency provided by shared fans in the chassis allows high TDP processors to be used up to 2x 205W per node. As these high TDP processors tend to offer the highest compute efficiency it allows us to deliver the most compute throughput in a dense form factor.  Supported Shared-IO cards allow pairs of nodes to share a high-speed interconnect connection. This helps drive cost efficiency through using fewer switches ideal for high throughput applications not requiring a dedicated highspeed connection per node.

lenovo thinksystem sd530 Datasheet

GPU & Accelerated Servers


ThinkSystem SR670 – High Density GPU Server

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR670 2U rack server has been optimised to cool up to 8 single width or 4 double width PCIe GPUs, efficiently allowing maximum performance to be yielded from expensive cards. To maximise cool fresh air intake, the server places storage at the rear allowing the entire front of the chassis to be for PCIe cards such as GPUs. This also puts cabling at the front, protecting expensive highspeed cables from the high temperatures exhausted by GPUs as well as making servicing easier.

lenovo thinksystem sr670 DATA SHEET


Lenovo ThinkSystem DE2000H

Lenovo ThinkSystem DE2000H is a low-cost, hybrid entry-level storage system that is designed to provide performance, simplicity, capacity, security, and high availability for small to large businesses. It delivers enterprise-class storage management capabilities with a wide choice of host connectivity options, flexible drive configurations, and enhanced data management features. The ThinkSystem DE2000H is a perfect fit for small offices and remote and branch offices of large enterprises that run a wide range of workloads, including big data and analytics, video surveillance, technical computing, backup and recovery, and other storage I/O-intensive applications.

lenovo thinksystem de2000H DATA SHEET.


ThinkSystem DE Series Array

ThinkSystem DE4000 & DE6000 Series, billed as entry level storage devices, these systems feature full stripe write acceleration meaning that despite an otherwise modest feature set, these systems have blisteringly fast RAID-6 8+2P performance. OCF takes advantage of this in HPC storage solutions to build a single fast parallel filesystem harnessing the performance of multiple arrays.

These systems are available in 2U and dense 4U configurations supporting mixtures of SSDs and HDDs.

lenovo thinksystem de series array 3D TOUR

ThinkSystem DM Series All-Flash Array
  • High performance, superior flexibility, and best-in-class data management with industry leading NVMe capabilities (end-to-end NVMe on DM7100F)
  • Unified Flash future-readies your investments
  • Accelerate your business while increasing operational efficiency
  • Transform your datacenter economics using all flash with exceptional data reduction technologies



ThinkSystem DM Series Hybrid Flash Array
  • Scale your datacenter to 88PB of unified storage
  • Seamlessly tier and manage data both within your datacenter and the cloud
  • Provides a unified solution for businesses that require both block and file storage
  • Protect your business from data loss with integrated data protection and encryption


lenovo thinksystem dm series 3D TOUR



Lenovo Distributed Storage Solution for IBM Spectrum Scale (DSS-G)

The DSS is formed of pairs of x86 servers resiliently connected to JBODs and uses IBM’s distributed Native RAID to minimise the impact of long disk rebuilds associated with traditional hardware RAID.

The servers act as a high availability pair taking on the roles of storage controllers as well as managing a high performance parallel file system. They remove the bottle necks imposed by traditional hardware raid controllers and allow an incredibly high degree of concurrent access to both many files and even a single file.

The DSS-G is a natural fit for high performance computing allowing many servers to access data simultaneously ensuring compute workloads complete effectively.


lenovo dss 3D TOUR


AI clusters made easy

LiCO software from Lenovo provides a graphical environment to simplify the use of clustered compute resources for AI development. LiCO provides a single interface to deploy, monitor and manage AI workloads, abstracting the complexity of the cluster from users.

Optimized for the Lenovo ThinkSystem portfolio with the latest Intel® Scalable® processors and NVIDIA® datacenter accelerators, LiCO enables the infrastructure to be used more effectively, flexibly and efficiently for AI development.

Put AI where it fits you

Data science is a major initiative in both research institutions and enterprise, and with versions to support running AI workloads on either HPC or Kubernetes clusters, LiCO allows the same ease-of-use access and infrastructure efficiency in the environment that best fits your organization’s needs.

LiCO provides clients the flexibility to deploy a dedicated cluster for AI, converge AI workloads onto an HPC cluster, or leverage a Kubernetes cluster to consolidate application development into a single infrastructure environment.

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