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IBM - 20 years of Partnership in HPC

OCF has been delivering High Performance Computing and Research Storage Solutions based on IBM technologies for almost 20 years.  

OCF is recognised as one of the leading IBM Spectrum Scale and Spectrum Protect integrators in the UK, having delivered > 100 Petabytes of storage based on these technologies in this time you can be confident OCF is the go-to integrator for designing, deploying and supporting IBM technologies in HPC, Technical and Research computing environments.

IBM has a long and rich history of High Performance Computing (HPC) dating back to the dawn of the computer edge, including such highlights as the Apollo program, Deep Blue, Watson, and more.

From BlueGene, announced in 2004, which was “built to help biologists observe the invisible processes of protein folding and gene development, right up to today and the fight against COVID, with IBM’s Summit, enabling researchers to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee to screen 8,000 compounds to find those that are most likely to bind to the main “spike” protein of the coronavirus, rendering it unable to infect host cells.

The most powerful HPC servers tackle the world’s biggest challenges, from combatting cancer and identifying next-gen materials to accelerating our understanding of disease. These same technologies can help you conquer your own business challenges with enterprise supercomputers designed for your needs.

HPC lets you process large amounts of data more quickly, leading to faster insights and the ability to stay ahead of competition.

IBM is the only vendor that has multiple systems on the list of Top 10 supercomputers, including two of the top three most powerful supercomputers in the world (Summit and Sierra) and IBM Power Systems and Storage provide industry-leading reliability to ensure your HPC environments stay up and running.



IBM Power AC922

IBM® Power System™ AC922 2U server makes use of IBM’s innovative POWER architecture to maximise scaling possibilities and GPU utilisation. Whereas x86 servers might only have NVLink between the GPUs, the IBM AC922 also uses NVLink between the CPUs and the GPUs maximising the bandwidth between system memory and GPU memory. This makes the server great platform for enabling highly scalable applications in AI and Scientific computing.

The server also uses PCIe gen 4.0 as well as CAPI to provide the high bandwidth demanded from data-centric computing as well as tightly coupling resources for massive scale-out applications.


IBM Power System E950

Designed for the dynamic demands of enterprise computing.  Blazing performance, extreme agility and industry-leading reliability in a compact 4-socket system.

The IBM Power® System E950 offers a unique blend of enterprise-class capabilities in a reliable, space-efficient 4-socket 4U form factor that delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price. With two to four IBM POWER9™ processors in an eight, ten, eleven or twelve core configurations, up to 16 TB of DDR4 memory, built-in PowerVM™ virtualization and Capacity on Demand (CoD), no other 4-socket system in the industry delivers this combination of per-core performance, efficiency and business agility.




Engineered to facilitate enterprise digital transformation offering unrivalled security, scaling, embedded AI in one platform.

Innovative SMP scaling cables allow individual systems with up to 16 processors across multiple chassis, totalling up to 240 cores with 8 threads per core and up to 64TB of memory.

The E1080 offers cohesive security at every level platform. The POWER 10 chip works with the systems firmware, virtualisation and security management layers to offer trust, isolation and monitoring against threats.

Dedicated hardware to encrypt all data in memory without any management or performance overheads and works seamlessly with the RAS features we have come to expect from the enterprise POWER platform.



IBM Power System E980

Designed to support the most mission-critical applications.

The most powerful, reliable, secure and scalable POWER9 server

The IBM Power® System E980 is the ideal foundation for a world-class private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, able to power the large-scale, mission-critical applications you need to transform data into a competitive advantage. Each Power E980 comes tailored to your unique requirements and ready to deploy—with enterprise-class security and efficient, built-in IBM PowerVM™ virtualization.






IBM TS4500 with LTO 7 Tape Drives

The TS4500 is IBM’s largest scaling tape library. As well as LTO drives, this library can use IBM’s 3592 technology featuring higher performance & density and MTBF of drives. It can consist of multiple frames scaling up to 351PB of capacity per library.



IBM TS4300

Tape offers excellent value for backup & disaster recovery back end storage due to it’s reliability, low acquisition cost and minimal running costs.

The TS4300 tape library offers a scalable rack-mounted library based around 3U modules. Though small in size, it can leverage latest LTO 8 tape drives to offer 480TB of raw capacity per 3U module.

IBM FlashSystem

IBM FlashSystems come in a range of sizes, all with great performance. The entry level 5200 model can deliver up to 21GB/s whilst the larger 9200 delivers up to 45GB/s.  With support for NVMe over fabric these systems ensure you can get your data where you need it.

IBM FlashSystems offer competitive space-saving technologies including compression and dedpulicatio. They can use IBM’s Flash Core Modules which offer better performance and lifespan than NVMe SSDs as well as including hardware-assisted compression within the modules themselves offering 2:1 compression with no performance impact.


IBM Spectrum Scale

Advanced storage management of unstructured data for cloud, big data, analytics, objects and more. 

Formerly known as GPFS, IBM Spectrum Scale is a highly scalable parallel filesystem with enterprise data management features. It efficiently uses parallelism at both the front and back end, serving a high number of processes concurrently whilst distributing over a large number of storage drives/devices.

It features a wide range of enterprise level features including space efficient snapshots, flexible quota management, encryption and file access logging.

It’s robust policy based file placement and migration system and efficiently tier between multiple pools of storage including flash, hard disk drives, tape and cloud storage. 


IBM Spectrum Protect 

Trusted backup and recovery software solutions.

IBM Spectrum Protect remains one of the most trusted back up and disaster recovery solutions with over 20 years in production and active development. We use it in our research data storage solutions where data retention is a priority and in many places data may be irreplaceable.

IBM Spectrum Protect Data Sheet


IBM Spectrum Protect Plus

Simplify data recovery and data reuse for VMs, files, databases and applications.

Organizations struggle with the cost and complexity of protecting data as they embrace digital transformation,
manage data growth, and tackle the requirements of always-on services. Rapid data recovery and data reuse are required.  Virtual environments are ubiquitous, so supporting VM, file, database, and application recovery in VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments is critical to an organization’s success. Data protection also needs to align with cyber security objectives and data compliance requirements, such as secure data retention mandates.

IBM Spectrum Storage Suite

Industry-leading flexibility and cost efficiency for today’s rapidly growing and changing data storage.

Data today is not only growing faster and bigger than ever, it’s also considerably different than it has been. It comes from different places: social media and the Internet of Things, in addition to the enterprise itself. It’s used in different operations: analytics and cognitive workloads as well as backups and archiving. It’s structured differently: on flash, as file and object data, and as traditional block data. And it’s stored differently: in a software-defined, storage-rich server infrastructure and in the cloud rather than only a storage area network (SAN) environment.


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