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Dell Technologies has a portfolio that spans from workstation to supercomputers, including servers, networking, storage, software and services as well as a flagship HPC & AI Innovation Lab in Austin, Texas.

OCF Limited, as a Dell Technologies Gold Partner, offers an end-to-end service for the integration of Dell Technologies HPC, Storage and AI solutions from concept to production.


DELL POWEREDGE R640 & R6515/6525

The PowerEdge R640 & R6525 are ideal dual-socket, 1U platform for dense scale-out data centre computing while the R6515 is an ideal single socket service node. Combining performance, and scalability to optimize application performance and data centre density. Maximize storage performance with up to 10 NVMe drives or 12 2.5” drives and either 24 DIMMs in the intel powered R640 or 32 dimms in the AMD powered R6525 these 1U servers can be tailored to your unique workload requirements.

Dell PowerEdge R640 spec sheet

Dell PowerEdge R6515 spec Sheet

Dell PowerEdge R6525 spec sheet




DELL POWEREDGE R740 & R7515/7525

The hugely flexible 2U dual socket intel powered R740 and AMD powered R7525 provide an incredible array of options. Able to support up to 3 double-width 300W GPUs, up to 6 single-width 150W GPUs or up to 4 FPGAs to accelerate workloads or provide a perfect Ceph or BeeGFS node with up to thirty-six 3.5" HDDs in the R740xd2 can fit whatever connectivity, storage, or processing capabilities you need.

dell poweredge r740 spec Sheet

dell poweredge r7515 spec sheet

dell poweredge r7525 spec sheet

Dell PowerEdge C6420 & C6525

The Dell PowerEdge C6420 & C6525 are compute-dense servers designed to boost data centre performance to tackle a variety of High-Performance Computing (HPC) workload and applications. Utilising the 4 node 2U C6400 chassis, the Intel powered C6420 or the AMD powered C6525 provide up to an incredible 84 nodes in a standard 42U rack without compromising on performance for the ultimate in dense computing

dell poweredge c6420 spec Sheet

dell poweredge c6525 Spec sheet

GPU & Accelerated Servers

Dell PowerEdge C4140

The Dell PowerEdge C4140 is a 1U rack server designed for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and High-Performance Computing (HPC). A dual socket server with up to four GPUs providing an incredibly dense platform for accelerated workloads.


dell poweredge c4140 Spec Sheet

Dell DSS 8440

The Dell DSS 8440 is the next step up in providing substantial GPU processing power for artificial intelligence, machine learning and High-Performance Computing (HPC). A dual socket Intel Xeon powered 4U server with the capacity for up to 10 industry-leading NVIDIA® Tesla® V100S Tensor Core GPUs, up to 10 NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ GPUs or up to 16 NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPUs offering a single node GPU capacity unmatched by anything else in Dell's portfolio.   

Dell dss 8440 Spec Sheet


Dell EMC PowerVault ME4 Series Storage:

Available as either 2U or 5U chassis supporting 12, 24 or 84 drives as either a full storage array or a JBOD enclosure. While dedicated NAS enclosures can be hugely expensive the ME4 series offers performant block storage solution tailored for modern cluster filesystems including IBM's Spectrum Scale, Lustre, BeeGFS or Ceph making it a perfect solution for HPC storage. 

dell emc powervault me4 Spec Sheet


Dell PowerSwitch N3048:

The Dell N3000E series 1G-BaseT network switching solution with 10GbE uplinks and stacking capabilities when used in larger networks. Provides a perfect management switch for access to IPMI hardware management or even full ethernet networks in small clusters. 

dell networking n3000 series spec sheet


Dell PowerSwitch S4048T:

A 10G-BaseT top-of-rack L2 & L3 switch providing full jumbo frame support and stacking support for fully redundant primary ethernet networks infrastructure.

dell powerswitch s4048T spec sheet


Dell PowerSwitch S5232F:

A 100Gb ethernet QSFP28 based 1U switch to provide high speed cluster interconnect as an ethernet based alternative to InfiniBand. 

Dell PowerSwitch S4148F & S5248F:

High speed 10G SFP+ and 25GB SFP28 switches providing full jumbo frame support and switch stacking for fully redundant primary ethernet network infrastructure.

dell powerswitch s5200-on series switch 

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