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DDN is a global leader in scale data storage and for over two decades they have helped customers meet their own expectations and needs by managing data better, faster and safer. OCF has a long history of working with DDN in organisations and universities, primarily due to great density offerings on a single rack basis; unrivalled performance (read/write speeds of up to 1TB+ and millions of cache IOPS per system); accelerated workloads and architects with a deep-level of technical knowledge.



This single 4U appliance, the SFA18KX, provides up to 3.2 million IOPS from a single 4U enclosure. The SFA18KX is the fastest storage solution in the industry today, delivering the highest density available with the ability to drive an unmatched number of flash (NVMe and SAS) devices and spinning drives in the least amount of density.

Built using Intel Xeon Scalable processors, SFA18KX building blocks start in the lower terabytes region, scaling to over 25 petabytes. Selecting the building block size that best suits your requirements, the SFA18KX performance density enables a much smaller solution footprint than other competitors, which means a lower controller-to-drive ratio along with lower power and cooling requirements.




DDN’s SFA7990X is the ultimate platform for consolidating storage requirements. Designed in the flash era to fully exploit the performance of SSDs, it provides predictable low-latency performance and industry-leading innovation for both block and file storage at scale.

The SFA7990X Hybrid Flash Storage Platform is designed to grow with the needs of your accelerating business requirements and provides flexibility without compromise. Using Intel Xeon Scalable processors, the SFA7990X addresses the most intensive Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Application demands right through to support long-term retention of large volumes of infrequently accessed data.


DDN Storage Fusion Architecture (SFA) appliances are purposely built to deliver scalable flash performance and capacity to meet changing business demands. The SFA NVMe platforms deliver 100% NVMe storage with multiple high-speed connectivity options to choose from.  At up to 48GB/s, the 2U platforms are the fastest storage solutions in the industry and can deliver up to 24 x NVMe SSDs in the 2U form factor.  Built using Intel Xeon Scalable processors, this makes the SFA NVMe platforms ideal for data centers with limited space and ones that require rock-solid high-performance flash in a scale-out architecture.  Start with a single box and scale out limitlessly to meet your file system or block needs.

Common use cases include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Content Distribution
  • High IOPS Telemetry




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