Clarifai AI

Endless AI possibilities with Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Automated Machine Learning

Clarifai Artificial intelligence

Clarifai partnered with OCF is accelerating the progress of humanity with continually improving AI.  Gathering valuable business insights from images, video, and text using computer vision and natural language processing in one integrated AI Computer Vision Platform.


SCRIBE - AI Powered Data Labeler Platform

Scribe Labeler annotates images, videos and document-based data faster and more accurately with AI. Use Scribe Labeler to create high-quality training data using end-to-end workflows and automated tools. The enterprise AI platform provides security, speed and accuracy.

SPACETIME - AI Powered Search Engine

Spacetime Search fuses AI and search together, to make your unstructured data searchable. Clarifai's patented technology uses AI to automatically index your unstructured data for deep search. Concepts identified by the Armada Predict technology can be used as search terms, you can even search with images to find similar visuals.

ENLIGHT - Custom AI Model Training for Machine Learning

Enlight delivers the tools you need to create and update AI in the enterprise. It saves valuable time and resources with the Enlight API and user-friendly tools that make it easy for your business to develop custom AI applications. Their advanced knowledge transfer algorithms and neural network architecture ensure highly accurate and performant results - even if the users have no background in machine learning or minimal training data.

ARMADA PREDICT - Machine Learning AI Prediction for Computer Vision

Armada Predict can be used to gain insights from your unstructured data with the fastest time-to-accuracy in AI. The multiple prediction types are - Classification, Detection, Customised Classification, Facial Recognition, Embedding vectors, Model operators and Multilingual classification.

MESH - Machine Learning Workflows

Mesh Workflows can be adopted to easily process complex logic and gain insights. Mesh Workflows helps to work with your machine learning models as if they are nodes in a graph. Clarifai makes it easy to connect together models of different kinds so that you can perform complex operations on your data, and build solutions that target your specific business needs.

PORTAL - Easiest Workspace for the Entire AI Lifecycle

Clarifai Portal gives you the power to search, sort and organize visual data right out of the box. An intuitive, feature-rich, drag-and-drop user interface makes the world’s most advanced computer vision AI technology accessible to anyone.

NLP Models for Text Classification

Get more value out of unstructured data with natural language processing. Find the meaning of text as well as gain an understanding of the opinions or emotions found inside data using NLP. Recognise text within images in order to analyse content deeper. Determine purchasing intent; understand audience sentiment; moderate user generated content; determine brand reputation; improve customer satisfaction and more.

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