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Opportunities and Challenges

Creating a sustainable energy market in the UK is a challenge which requires holistic thinking, innovative approaches and step change results to meet ambitious targets.  Significant drivers such as climate, costs and disruptive technologies are causing both promise and threats for executives trying to navigate a significant period of change in an already complex industry.  Regulatory and political demands create further restrictions to drive more efficient operating performance and low carbon futures for society.

Localised power generation and distribution, electrical grids, connected smart metered homes and businesses, customer-to-customer energy trading, algorithmically optimised operations, and workforces using virtual and augmented reality all present a smart city vision with Utility businesses at the centre.  Underpinning each part of this transformation is data, big data.

The Need for Analytics in Utilities

Utility businesses are already data rich. Most have some form of data analysis function within business silos such as consumer behaviour addressing churn and payments. OCF DATA’s deep data analysis experience can help elevate current silo data projects to become corporate strategic initiatives and maximise the return on data assets.

  • Biggest changes to business models ahead seem to be in the Water industry
  • Predictive maintenance is a big issue on ageing capital infrastructure (electricity distribution networks, water and gas).
  • There are big drivers for improved customer service to improve stickiness
  • Fraud is also an issue in relation to bill payments.

Why OCF DATA for utilities?

For Data & Analytics deployments to transform performance, providers need to combine the best know-how of the business processes, technology and data science. OCF DATA has an unrivalled set of skills in all these areas and provides solutions as individually configured services to meet the specific business challenges and needs of the user organisation. We have:

Industry knowledge

  • Our team has 50-plus years collective experience in delivering analytics projects for customers.
  • Our employees have a background working with a wide range of well known-companies e.g. IBM, TATA and Yorkshire Water.

World leading technology

  • Our focus is to design a solution to meet your business challenges and we achieve this by working with leading analytics technology vendors including SAS, IBM, Atos and Panintelligence.

Skilled people and clear methodologies

  • OCF DATA can accelerate your organisation on the journey to realising value from connected data and analysis.  Whether starting from scratch or maximising value from existing investments, the OCF DATA consultative approach is flexible enough to fit regardless of current situation and capabilities.
  • Our solutions provide value to your business, through the combination of your business processes, technology and data science.
  • Our accreditations include the internationally recognised ISO27001 for our Information Management System.

Heritage in high performance computing

  • OCF DATA is supported by the wider OCF group which specialises in supporting the significant big data challenges of private and public UK organisations. With a 15-year heritage in HPC, managing big data challenges, OCF works with over 20 per cent of the UK's Universities, Higher Education Institutes and Research Councils, as well as commercial clients from a range of industries.

"Customers are transforming their businesses by adopting Data and Analytics solutions and services designed and delivered by OCF DATA using advanced and market leading analytics technologies from SAS."

Ian Cosnett, SAS

"Thanks to our work with SAS and OCF, we now have capabilities that set us apart from our competition, and place us at the forefront of healthcare analytics."

Dr Mike Moores, Director, Integrated Radiological Services

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