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Manufacturing processes are complex with countless moving parts and dependencies up and down the supply chain. For manufacturing leaders today, the only constant is change. Customer choice and market segmentation introduce greater levels of product variation. Tolerances vary across supplier components, chemicals and ingredients. Production line equipment performance varies. Competition and consumer expectations create unpredictable demand with same day or 24-hour delivery needs. 

For any manufacturing company, having the tools to streamline processes and optimise industrial assets is the starting point for success. Applying methods such as overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and statistical process control (SPC) focus business efforts to reduce inefficiencies, waste and improve performance.

The OCF Industrial Automation platform is a fully integrated software solution that gives leaders and managers the power to collect all machine data, environmental control data, connect to any SCADA, ERP, Finance system and build virtually any kind of real-time visualisation dashboard to inform smart, timely, performance improving actions, anywhere.

Why Data Analytics?

Optimisation at every stage in the manufacturing process is critical to remain competitive and the adoption of big data, IoT technologies and data analysis techniques is now giving leading organisations real time insight and performance improving direction.

Tagged Industry 4.0 or digital transformation, companies are working together, linking data from consumer through R&D, sales, distribution, production and supply. Looking beyond the boundaries within your organisation will help you be at the forefront of your industry.

Reduce Downtime

  • Accurate OEE calculations for analysing and optimizing operational performance.
  • Review uptime and downtime over time to spot patterns and outliers.
  • Compare performance across different equipment and products.
  • Visualize hourly uptime and key custom metrics.

Increase Throughput

  • Live plant performance statistics, machine metrics, and status summary of multiple lines.
  • An overview of production performance — which machines are running on time.
  • Customizable, interactive dashboard and reporting. Accessible from anywhere.

Reduce Waste

  • Link operator, machine performance with measurement and quality checking data.
  • Apply and visualise real-time statistical process control (SPC)
  • Ensure that statistical process control (SPC) data is accurately collected on time, every time
  • Never wait for quality issues to arise. Proactively reduce variation and solve quality issues. 

Why OCF DATA for manufacturing?

For Data & Analytics deployments to transform performance, providers need to combine the best know-how of the business processes, technology and data science. OCF DATA has an unrivalled set of skills in all these areas and provides solutions as individually configured services to meet the specific business challenges and needs of the user organisation. We have:

Industry knowledge

  • Our team has 50-plus years collective experience in delivering analytics projects for customers.
  • Our employees have a background working with a wide range of well known-companies e.g. IBM, TATA and Yorkshire Water.

World leading technology

  • Our focus is to design a solution to meet your business challenges and we achieve this by working with leading analytics technology vendors including SAS, IBM, Atos and Panintelligence.

Skilled people and clear methodologies

  • OCF DATA can accelerate your organisation on the journey to realising value from connected data and analysis.  Whether starting from scratch or maximising value from existing investments, the OCF DATA consultative approach is flexible enough to fit regardless of current situation and capabilities.
  • Our solutions provide value to your business, through the combination of your business processes, technology and data science.
  • Our accreditations include the internationally recognised ISO27001 for our Information Management System.

Heritage in high performance computing

  • OCF DATA is supported by the wider OCF group which specialises in supporting the significant big data challenges of private and public UK organisations. With a 15-year heritage in HPC, managing big data challenges, OCF works with over 20 per cent of the UK's Universities, Higher Education Institutes and Research Councils, as well as commercial clients from a range of industries.

"Using enCORE enables us to deliver very large HPC simulation projects at a fraction of the cost and time it would take to realise these capabilities in-house. As a result, we can take on board new business with reduced scheduling concerns as enCORE provides the ideal platform for dealing with peak load demands."

Andrew Jackson, Head of Development, Engys Ltd

"The business benefits to IRS are twofold. The automated processing of a single client audit data has reduced our workload from around 3 days per audit to no more than 2 hours – a time saving of 92 percent."

Dr Mike Moores, Director, Integrated Radiological Services

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