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Opportunities and challenges? 

Today’s NHS faces unprecedented challenges from a growing, diverse and ageing population. New yet expensive treatments provide better outcomes for patients, but together these circumstances place tremendous operational and financial pressures on the system. Government is directing programs to better sustain existing care whilst transforming to new models of care where treatment is outside of the hospital environment. NHS hospitals are being asked to improve patient outcomes and to do more with less.

  • Growing, diverse and diverse population
  • Improve patient outcomes 
  • More novel yet expensive medical treatments
  • Sustain and transform healthcare
  • Financial and operational pressures
  • Risk that sustaining current healthcare crowds out transformation
  • Quality and safety of care
  • Recruit and retain staff

The Need for Analytics

NHS hospitals are incredibly complex structures with interacting processes and workflows. If any of these workflows fail to meet capacity demands, bottlenecks occur which are not conducive to optimising patient outcomes or costs. The key to managing processes and capacity better is contained within the incredible amount of data generated and stored by hospitals. There is more information than can be managed or mined and only sophisticated, structured data management and analytics systems can extract the insights that provide management and staff with what they need to plan and optimise workflows.

Between 3 to 6% improvements in hospital capacity and throughput can be expected from an integrated hospital wide deployment of Data & Analytics, creating many £M’s in savings / value and many more patients treated on time.


  • Accurate and timely management data for planning and real-time management bed occupancy, staff, theatres or radiology
  • Intuitive and context sensitive reports and outputs simplified from masses of data from multiple sources
  • Coherent and robust plans with clarity about the most important priorities
  • Identification of areas that can be served by community resources rather than hospital to moderate demand on hospital resources
  • Automate reporting improving accuracy while reducing staff overheads
  • Integrate data analysis and sharing with other healthcare agencies to manage capacity, improve workflow and deliver holistic patient care. 


  • Reduce 'time to impact' on new processes / transformations


  • Managers and staff make better decisions when informed by descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics 
  • Identify, recruit and retain the best doctors, nurses and administrative leaders.

Why OCF DATA for healthcare?

For Data & Analytics deployments to transform performance, providers need to combine the best know-how of the business processes, technology and data science. OCF DATA has an unrivalled set of skills in all these areas and provides solutions as individually configured services to meet the specific business challenges and needs of the user organisation. We have:

Industry knowledge

  • Our team has 50-plus years collective experience in delivering analytics projects for customers.
  • Our employees have a background working with a wide range of well known-companies e.g. IBM, TATA and Yorkshire Water.

World leading technology

  • Our focus is to design a solution to meet your business challenges and we achieve this by working with leading analytics technology vendors including SAS, IBM, Atos and Panintelligence.

Skilled people and clear methodologies

  • OCF DATA can accelerate your organisation on the journey to realising value from connected data and analysis.  Whether starting from scratch or maximising value from existing investments, the OCF DATA consultative approach is flexible enough to fit regardless of current situation and capabilities.
  • Our solutions provide value to your business, through the combination of your business processes, technology and data science.
  • Our accreditations include the internationally recognised ISO27001 for our Information Management System.

Heritage in high performance computing

  • OCF DATA is supported by the wider OCF group which specialises in supporting the significant big data challenges of private and public UK organisations. With a 15-year heritage in HPC, managing big data challenges, OCF works with over 20 per cent of the UK's Universities, Higher Education Institutes and Research Councils, as well as commercial clients from a range of industries.

"Customers are transforming their businesses by adopting Data and Analytics solutions and services designed and delivered by OCF DATA using advanced and market leading analytics technologies from SAS."

Ian Cosnett, SAS

"Thanks to our work with SAS and OCF, we now have capabilities that set us apart from our competition, and place us at the forefront of healthcare analytics."

Dr Mike Moores, Director, Integrated Radiological Services

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