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Data & Analytics determining the Winners and Losers

In this age of data, the winners and losers In business will be determined in the next 5 – 10 years by those that seek and harness data with analytics to extract insights from which they navigate their businesses, organisations and processes.

These winning insight driven businesses are not just start ups but often businesses and organisations within traditional industries and sectors that use data and analytics in closed continuously optimised loops to differentiate, improve and compete. By capturing more, diverse and better data, then continuously developing and implementing insights about what drives their business or organisation, they run faster and more efficiently than those that are watching this data revolution pass them by. The C-Suite must lead the organisation in learning how data & analytics will define them as a winner.

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The confluence of Business, Technology and Data

If determining being a winner is just about imbedding data and analytics in to your processes and workflows, then why isn’t everybody doing it? The answer unfortunately it is not that simple and ready made solutions are not off the shelf, though some technology providers might try to convince you otherwise.

The successful deployments, of which there are as many, have understood the confluence of Business, Technology and Data Science. Only by viewing these diverse yet connected strands together can projects really move the performance dial forward.

Business – Understanding the strategic objectives, goals and measures that drive the business forward. Appreciating the organisation and its ability to embrace and act on new insights

Technology – Aligning Technology to the task and not buying technology to then go find a task

Data Science – Identifying, extracting and processing the data and presenting outputs in a form that is compelling and will be acted upon.

Projects that do not respect this confluence fail.

OCF DATA creates Analytics winners

At OCF DATA, our projects naturally combine all three of these areas with unique IP, ensuring projects meet or exceed their objectives and value to the enterprise, making a positive return on your investment.


Our team has over 70 years of ‘hands-on’ Business experience across a range of industries and sectors. We use this experience to help identify, in conjunction with your corporate strategy, the processes and measurements that matter most to your business and make the biggest difference to your success.


We believe you should never start a data and analytics project by looking at the technology. However, as technology will be essential to executing the project it is important that the leading technologies are available, in any solution we provide. OCF DATA is a partner with the leading suppliers of data and analytics technology solutions including IBM and SAS.

Working with OCF DATA ensures you not only have access to the best technology but it is chosen for the task, not presented as a technology for technology sake.

Data Science

We employ the very best data science talent as well as having access to senior researchers and experts from the UK university and research community. We have developed unique IP in methods and models that mean our solutions not only deliver what they set out to do but out-deliver conventional analytics deployment methods. Our specialists will identify data, both private and public, define processing platforms and algorithms. Rather than focussing on analytics disciplines such as Business Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Machine Learning your solution will be specific to you and may contain one or all of these disciplines.

Return on Investment

We recognise and advise against ‘big-bang’ deployments across the entire organisation and processes. Such projects are complex, expensive and fraught with risk and dependencies. We use a methodology that allows us to identify with you which processes would most positively move the needle for your business and provide the maximum return on investment. We see many organisations funding subsequent projects from the additional revenues or savings they made from these early data and analytics deployments.

Technology Partners

Our partnership with IBM is helping businesses like yours carry out advanced statistical analysis to give deeper insights, solve problems and make decisions more effectively.


SAS are experts in analytics and our partnership with them helps you to turn data management and insight into decisive action for your business.




Services & Solutions

Wherever you are within your data and analytics deployment strategy OCF DATA can add value as your partner. We have services within:

  • Design
    • Feasibility, Design and Benchmarking
  • Build
    • System build either on premise or cloud
  • Run
    • Managed services where we provide the outputs rather than the systems

Additionally OCF DATA has through its industry experiences developed what is a growing number of specific data and analytics ‘point’ solutions. These include:

  • Healthcare
    • Audit & Compliance Analytics
    • Predictive Demand & Performance Analytics
  • Utilities (Water)
    • Field Infrastructure Analytics
  • Manufacturing
    • Predictive Maintenance Analytics
  • Higher Education
    • Student Performance Analytics
    • Grant Performance Analytics
  • Construction
    • Audit & Compliance Analytics

OCF DATA is your data and analytics partner, enabling you to perform at the best you can be.

"Customers are transforming their businesses by adopting Data and Analytics solutions and services designed and delivered by OCF DATA using advanced and market leading analytics technologies from SAS."

Ian Cosnett, SAS

"Our OCF DATA solution has significantly reduced our workload in processing clients' data, allowing our staff to divert their time to using the powerful analytics tools for greater insight. This solution allows IRS to deliver an enhanced service to our customers and will allow us to further develop our services using advanced data analytics."

Mike Moores, Managing Director, Integrated Radiological Services Ltd.

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